Lourdes Band Solo/Ensemble day. A delight of musical entertainment.

Sunday 3rd of March saw the members of the Lourdes Brass Band depart from their regular Brass Band formation and expose their individual musical talents in the Bands Solo / Ensemble competitions. The audience was treated to a wide range of music genres, from classical to TV themes. Members of the Lourdes “School of Music” - Beginner Classes -Lourdes youth Band and the Senior Band, all laid on a musical feast. Congratulations and a big thank you to all who provided us with a fantastic musical day.

The Adjudicator for the day, Mr Jon Clifford spoke very highly of all the entrants, remarking that the high quality of performances gave him a real dilemma having to pick who he would award prizes too. He also remarked that on the whole he was delighted to see that everybody was displaying good techniques in their musical production.

Results of the Day:

  • School of Music - Newest recruits - Medal winners:

    Christo Mathews, Sienna Lily Thornton, Cormac Moore, Taragh McKeon and Max Sidenko.

  • School of Music - Students - Medal winners:

  • Cian Smith, Killian Coleman, Eoghan Clake, Ethain Diver, Lucy Coleman, Darragh Smith.

  • School of Music - Advanced students

  • 1st Place - Tomas McGreehan - Past time with good company.

    2nd Place - Alex Healy - Landler

    3rd Place - Daisy Sarsfield - Campanae

  • Lourdes Youth Band

    1st Place - Ged Milne - The greatest showman

    2nd Place - Cathal O Malley - Passion

    3rd Place - Matthew King - Movie Themes

  • Lourdes Senior Band

    1st Place - Mark Newman - Kim

    2nd Place - Danny Black - Beautiful Colorado

  • Ensembles:

    1st Place - Jazz Time music.

    2nd Place - Music of Ennio Moricone

Please visit our gallery to see photos of the Solo/Ensemble day.